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Speaking my truth – a new level of wellness

While I am incredibly grateful for the abundance I experience in my life, this year has presented many challenges for me and as I’ve weathered some storms, I’ve begun to see how important it is to speak MY truth.

I’ve begun to uncover some places where I’m ‘hiding out’. I invite you to look in your own life.

Do you have areas of your life that you don’t want anyone know about?

Living with a ‘secret’ is a heavy burden to carry, especially if much of your life is an open book as mine has become. These ‘secrets’ not only take a toll on our emotional and spiritual well-being but also impact our physical health.

So…I have a few big REVEALs for you that I’ll be sharing over the coming months.

One of them, I’m finally coming clean about today! Ready?

I am a recovering sugar addict!

I really am NOT making light of addictions and I’m truly not kidding. I have been addicted to sugar for much of my life. It has taken several years to finally get a handle on it. (Some of you may remember over 2 years ago I publicly declared I would
be living my first year of my life without sugar…only lasted a few months).

Its been a difficult road to travel. There were many times I said ‘ok this time I’m really going to do it’. Well over the many months of feeling incredibly frustrated, disappointed and not knowing how to get the sugar out and keep it out, I finally had a breakthrough! SHAZAM!

I’ve tried many different approaches and the breakthrough came when I began to see what was truly important to me and WHY it was so important to me to do this.There were a few things that shifted for me.

1) LOVE – I began to really investigate what it means to truly honor, value and love myself. As I started to do this, I could clearly see that loving myself means giving my body the best possible food that I can. It also means eating food that I love. We’re not talking deprivation! 🙂 I wanted to feel good, have lots of energy and have longevity. Knowing that sugar inhibits the immune system and contributes to bodily decay, I finally said – NO THANKS!

2) SWEETNESS (other than food).  One day I decided that I would allow myself to enjoy the sweetness of life in as many ways as possible without having to ‘ingest’ it. No sugar; no eating any sweet foods for the whole day. Turned out to be one of the best days of my life! The incredible ‘sweetness’ in the way of conversations, interactions and appreciation that I experienced far outweighed the need to eat sugar.

3) OTHER SWEETS – Now that I finally have sugar out (and on a RARE occasion that it sneaks in), I have totally control over it. It does not control me. The one sweetner I regularly use now is stevia. This is the only known sweetner that does not increase blood sugar and wreck havoc, well with every system in our body, like sugar and many other sweetners do. If you’re moving over gradually, go for raw honey, black strap molassess or coconut nectar. All good replacements. And make sure to read labels too! Eating fruit (in small amounts) as a replacement for those other sweet treats is a good direction to move as well.

Here’s to a sweet energized life (not a sugar controlled fatigue filled one)!

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