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Sometimes the 1st step is the hardest

I don’t know about you but I have had many years in which I’ve jumped into January with renewed energy and feeling like I can take on the world. I set up all kinds of new practices and structures and plans, only to discover that taking on many new changes as one time can be a little overwhelming. Ultimately rather than setting myself up to win, I’ve set myself up for disappointment.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is creating goals, intentions and having plans definitely empowers and excites me. But, instead of taking on ‘the world’  I’ve learned that incorporating 1 or 2 new habits, slowly, and easily bringing them into my life, as a new way of life is so much more sustainable and fun.

Here are a few easy steps you can take to having your new habits become an easy new approach to your life.


1) Make a list of 3-5 areas of your health and life that you want to which you want to bring new focus and attention. YES, write it down!

2) Identify 1-2 that are the top priority right now.

3) Begin thinking about the various ways you can incorporate that new habit.
For example, if you have a commitment to drinking more water, you can begin carrying a water bottle with you every where you go (keep it in your purse or in your car or in your back pack) and set an alarm on your phone to remind you to drink. Keep the water bottle near your bed so you can start your day by drinking water. Begin choosing water in place of sodas, juices and other drinks as a way to truly hydrate.

4) Share your new habit with as many people as you can and ask for their support to help you make this change.

5) Give yourself some time to fully incorporate the change. Keep your focus and attention on the changes you want to make but know that you don’t need to seek perfection.

6) Have fun with it! The more fun you have in setting yourself up for the changes, the more success you’ll have in sustaining it.

The power to choose is in your hands!


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