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Boost Your Immune System to Avoid the Flu

The flu season is upon us – and in full force!

A strong immune system is one of the best tools to have in defending yourself against the flu or any illness. These 4 tips will help you in supporting your body against getting sick. The great thing too is if you do happen to get sick, this will help you bounce back much quicker!

1) Stay hydrated with water. Our body is about 70% water. So we need to make sure we are drinking water all day, every day. I recommend starting your day with water. Drinking 64oz of water a day a great guideline to ensure you stay hydrated and your body can function at an optimal level.

2) Keep Sugar Out! Sugar not only causes inflammation in our body, which can lead to many different kinds of illness and autoimmune conditions but it actually inhibits our immune system, which then makes it more difficult to fight off any germs, colds, flu, that we encounter. Get your sweet on through your life…you don’t need to ingest it! 

3) Fill up with lots of veggies, especially the green ones. Vegetables, especially the dark leafy greens are filled with vitamins, minearls, phytonutrients and antioxidants that help you to stay well, have energy and keep you at optimal health. And as a bonus, help your body fight off the flu and colds. So pile them high!

4) Sleep is where it’s at! Getting 7-8 hours of sleep is not only important for ongoing good health but enables your body to be strong, refreshed and able to function, especially important for boosting your immune system. If you already have a compromised immune system (i.e. an autoimmune condition), you may need even more sleep like 9-10 hours. Get some zzzzz’s.



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