your path to vitality, healing and great health

Your Wellness Partner

You are unique. Your body, mind and spirit are uniquely your own. The nutritional and lifestyle needs that will most support your body and health need to be suited just for you.

That is how I begin in creating a path of health for each client.

While general guidelines can be useful, the approach I take is to discover with you, what foods and other approaches of nourishment will best support you in reaching your goals and enhance your overall health.

Every program I create is customized to you.

Since my approach is holistic, we look at the ‘whole’ of you, not just food. We will focus on all aspects of your health and wellness, which include physical activity, relationships, career and spiritual life. All of these together create the level of overall wellness you experience.

I truly believe by giving ourselves life-giving nourishment, we can experience the complete wellness and vitality we are meant to have.

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